The Hieroglyphic alphabet – Triliterals

In addition to the uniliteral and biliteral symbols, there are a large number of hieroglyphs which have a triliteral meaning โ€“ that is to say that their sound is best approximated by three western charters.


Aby ๐“ƒฎ wHA ๐“Ž nfr ๐“„ค zAb ๐“ƒฅ qiz ๐“€ซ
Abd ๐“‡น wHa ๐“Š  nmt ๐“Œฉ zin ๐“Œ• qmA ๐“Œ™
Ams ๐“Œ„ wHm ๐“„™ nxn ๐“Š” zwn ๐“Œ• kAp ๐“Šถ
Axt ๐“ˆŒ wsr ๐“„Š nzt ๐“Žผ zmA ๐“‹ถ (๐“„ฅ) kAr ๐“‰ฌ
Atf ๐“‹š wsx ๐“‹ nTr ๐“Šน zmn ๐“– kfA ๐“„–
iAb ๐“‹ wSA ๐“…ฐ nDm ๐“‡› zSn ๐“†ธ grg ๐“…
iAm ๐“†ญ wSm ๐“†€ nDs ๐“…ช sAb ๐“„œ gHs ๐“ƒด
iAt ๐“ˆ wdn ๐“†ป rwd ๐“Œ— sAq ๐“†Œ tyw ๐“…‚
iab ๐“Žบ wDa ๐“ฃ rwD ๐“Œ— sAH ๐“ƒƒ tHn ๐“‹ฃ
iaH ๐“‡น wDb ๐“ˆ„ rmi ๐“ฟ siA ๐“‹ท txn ๐“‰ถ
iwa ๐“„ฏ bAs ๐“Žฐ rnp ๐“†ณ sbA ๐“‡ผ TAw ๐“Šก
iwn ๐“‰บ biA ๐“„ rsw ๐“‡” sbq ๐“‚พ TmA ๐“Ž…
ibA ๐“ก bit ๐“†ค rtH ๐“• sbk ๐“†‹ THn ๐“‹ฃ
ipt ๐“Š’ bnr ๐“‡œ rdi ๐“™ spr ๐“„ญ dwA ๐“‡ผ
imi ๐“ถ bdt ๐“‡ฃ hrw ๐“‡ณ spt ๐“‚Ž dmD ๐“‹ฌ
ini ๐“Ž pAq ๐“† HAt ๐“„‚ snT ๐“ฐ dSr ๐“…Ÿ
inb ๐“Š… pXr ๐“„ฒ Hwi ๐“€œ snD ๐“…พ Dam ๐“Œ
iry ๐“€ธ pzD ๐“‡ท Hwt ๐“‰— sxm ๐“Œ‚ DbA ๐“Œฅ
isw ๐“„ฏ psD ๐“„ฆ Hfn ๐“† sxt ๐“Œฆ (๐“‡) Dba ๐“‚ญ
iTi ๐“Ž fnD ๐“‚‰ Hmt ๐“ sXr ๐“Œ• DrD ๐“„”
idn ๐“„” mAi ๐“ƒฌ HqA ๐“‹พ sSm ๐“Œซ Dsr ๐“‚ฆ
idr ๐“Žฉ mAa ๐“™ Htp ๐“Šต sSr ๐“Žค
idt ๐“‡ฒ mAw ๐“…ถ HDt ๐“‹‘ sti ๐“„
awt ๐“‹ฟ mwt ๐“… HDD ๐“Œ stp ๐“‰
abA ๐“Œ‚ mnw ๐“ค xAt ๐“Šฏ stX ๐“ฃ
apr ๐“ข mnx ๐“Š xpr ๐“†ฃ sTA ๐“ฌ
anx ๐“‹น mnD ๐“‚‘ xpS ๐“„— sDm ๐“„”
arq ๐“ผ mHy ๐“„ง xnt ๐“ƒ Swt ๐“‹บ
aHA ๐“‚š mzH ๐“†Š xrw ๐“Šค Sps ๐“€ป
aHa ๐“Šข msi ๐“’ xrp ๐“Œ‚ Sma ๐“‡—
aSA ๐“†ˆ msn ๐“Žฃ xsf ๐“™ Sms ๐“Œž
wAH ๐“Ž mSa ๐“€Ž xtm ๐“‹ฉ Sny ๐“ธ
wAs ๐“Œ€ mDH ๐“‹œ XAr ๐“Ž… Sna ๐“
wAD ๐“‡… mDt ๐“Ž… Xnm ๐“Žธ Szp ๐“Š
wab ๐“ƒ‚ nbw ๐“‹ž Xrd ๐“€” SsA ๐“„ƒ
wbA ๐“ nfw ๐“Šก Xkr ๐“ฌ qAb ๐“„ฒ