The Hieroglyphic alphabet โ€“ Multiliterals

In addition to the other symbols, there are aย  number of hieroglyphs which have a miltiliteral meaning โ€“ that is to say that their sound is best approximated by a number of western charters.


msDr ๐“„” iAdt ๐“‡ฒ
mDAt ๐“› imAx ๐“„ช
niwt ๐“Š– imnt ๐“‹€
nbty ๐“…’ inpw ๐“ข
nxxw ๐“Œ… wrrt ๐“Œ
nSmt ๐“†  wsxt ๐“‰ฉ
nTrw ๓ด“จ wDAt ๐“‚€
rxyt ๐“…š baHi ๐“…ค
Hnqt ๐“Š mAat ๐“ฆ
HqAt ๐“Œฟ mniw ๐“€ฆ
xAwt ๐“Šฏ mnit ๐“‹ง
xAst ๐“ˆ‰ mnhd ๐“ž
xprS ๐“‹™ mnxt ๐“‹ฒ
Xnmw ๐“  mxAt ๐“
zxnt ๐“‰ฝ
zzmt ๐“ƒ—
zSSt ๐“ฃ
spAt ๐“ˆˆ
spty ๐“‚
snTr ๐“Šธ
srqt ๐“†ซ
sTAw ๐“ฎ
sDAw ๐“‹จ
Swty ๐“‹›
Spsi ๐“€ผ
Snwt ๐“Šš
Styw ๐“†‰
qnbt ๓ด‡ฐ
qrsw ๐“Šญ
dwAt ๐“‡ฝ
dSrt ๐“‹”
Hnmmt ๐“‡ถ
sxmty ๐“‹—
Sndyt ๐“‹ฏ
DHwty ๐“Ÿ