The Hieroglyphic alphabet – Multiliterals

In addition to the other symbols, there are a  number of hieroglyphs which have a miltiliteral meaning – that is to say that their sound is best approximated by a number of western charters.


msDr 𓄔 iAdt 𓇲
mDAt 𓏛 imAx 𓄪
niwt 𓊖 imnt 𓋀
nbty 𓅒 inpw 𓁢
nxxw 𓌅 wrrt 𓌝
nSmt 𓆠 wsxt 𓉩
nTrw 󴓨 wDAt 𓂀
rxyt 𓅚 baHi 𓅤
Hnqt 𓏊 mAat 𓁦
HqAt 𓌿 mniw 𓀦
xAwt 𓊯 mnit 𓋧
xAst 𓈉 mnhd 𓏞
xprS 𓋙 mnxt 𓋲
Xnmw 𓁠 mxAt 𓍝
zxnt 𓉽
zzmt 𓃗
zSSt 𓏣
spAt 𓈈
spty 𓂏
snTr 𓊸
srqt 𓆫
sTAw 𓍮
sDAw 𓋨
Swty 𓋛
Spsi 𓀼
Snwt 𓊚
Styw 𓆉
qnbt 󴇰
qrsw 𓊭
dwAt 𓇽
dSrt 𓋔
Hnmmt 𓇶
sxmty 𓋗
Sndyt 𓋯
DHwty 𓁟