The Hieroglyphic Alphabet – Biliterals

In addition to the uniliteral symbols, there are a large number of hieroglyphs which have a biliteral meaning – that is to say that their sound is best approximated by two western charters.

AA ๐“…€ bd ๐“Šบ Hw ๐“„‘ sT ๐“‹ซ
Ai ๐“Œ— pA ๐“…ฎ Hb ๐“Žฑ sd ๐“„ข
Aw ๐“„ซ pr ๐“‰ Hp ๐“‘ SA ๐“†ท
Ab ๐“‹ pH ๐“„– Hm ๐“› Sw ๐“†„
Ar ๐“Œ— pq ๐“†€ Hn ๐“†ฐ Sm ๐“ˆ
Ax ๐“…œ pt ๐“‡ฏ Hr ๐“ท Sn ๐“ฒ
ii ๐“‡ pd ๐“Œ’ HH ๐“จ Sd ๐“„ž
iw ๐“ˆ€ pD ๐“Œ” Hz ๐“Žฟ qn ๐“–
ib ๐“„ฃ mA ๐“Œณ HD ๐“Œ‰ qs ๐“ŒŸ
im ๐“› mi ๐“‡ xA ๐“†ผ qd ๐“ช
in ๐“†› mw ๐“ˆ— xa ๐“ˆ kA ๐“‚“
ir ๐“น mm ๐“…” xw ๐“‹ฝ kp ๐“Šถ
iH ๐“Œค mn ๐“  xm ๐“‹‰ km ๐“†Ž
iz ๐“‡ฉ mr ๐“Œธ xn ๐“…ฏ gb ๐“…ฌ
it ๐“Œพ mH ๐“Ž” xr ๐“€’ gm ๐“… 
id ๐“ˆž ms ๐“„Ÿ xt ๐“†ฑ gH ๐“‚พ
aA ๐“‰ป mt ๐“‚ธ XA ๐“†ž gs ๐“›
ab ๐“ƒ md ๐“Œƒ Xn ๐“„š tA ๐“‡พ
aH ๐“‰ฅ mD ๐“Ž† Xr ๐“Œจ ti ๐“˜
aq ๐“…ง nw ๐“Œ zA ๐“…ญ tp ๐“ถ
ad ๐“† nb ๐“ŽŸ zw ๐“‡ณ tm ๐“ƒ
aD ๐“Ž™ nm ๐“Œฐ zb ๐“Š„ tr ๐“†ต
wA ๐“ฏ nn ๐“‡’ zp ๐“Š— TA ๐“…ท
wa ๐“Œก nr ๐“†‚ zH ๐“‰ฒ Tb ๐“‹ธ
ww ๐“…ณ nH ๐“…˜ zS ๐“ž Tz ๐“‹ญ
wp ๐“„‹ ns ๐“„“ sA ๐“Ÿ di ๐“™
wn ๐“ƒน nD ๐“ฉ sw ๐“‡“ db ๐“„
wr ๐“…จ rA ๐“‚‹ sf ๐“‹ต dd ๐“Šฝ
wx ๐“‹‚ ra ๐“‡ณ sm ๐“‡ DA ๐“‘
wz ๐“Šฉ rw ๐“ƒญ sn ๐“Œข Dw ๐“ˆ‹
wD ๐“Ž— rs ๐“Œ˜ sr ๐“€™ Db ๐“…™
bA ๐“…ก rd ๐“‚พ sS ๐“ฑ Dr ๐“‡ฅ
bH ๐“„‘ hb ๐“ sk ๐“Ž Dd ๐“Šฝ
bz ๐“†Ÿ HA ๐“‡‰ st ๐“Šจ DD ๐“†•