The Hieratic Alphabet

Below you can find a breakdown of the Hieroglyphic alphabet as defined by Gardiner.


Hieratic Gardiner code transliteration Represents
󴰀 G1 A Egyptian vulture
󴰁 M17 i reed
󴰂 Z4 y pair of strokes, river
󴰃 D36 a arm
󴰄 G43 w quail chick
󴰅 D58 b lower leg
󴰆 Q3 p reed mat, stool
󴰇 I9 f horned viper
󴰈 G17 m owl
󴰉 N35 n ripple of water
󴰊 D21 r mouth
󴰋 O4 h reed shelter, enclosure
󴰌 V28 H twisted wick, rope
󴰍 J1 x placenta
󴰎 F32 X animal belly with udder or tail
󴰏 O34 z door bolt, lock
󴰐 S29 s folded cloth, linen
󴰑 N37 S garden pool, basin
󴰒 N29 q slope of a hill
󴰓 V31 k basket with handle
󴰔 W11 g jar stand
󴰕 X1 t bun, bread
󴰖 V13 T tethering rope
󴰗 D46 d hand
󴰘 I10 D cobra
󴰙 Z7 W coil of rope
󴰚 J15 M unknown (i̓m)
󴰛 S3 N crown of Lower Egypt
󴰜 D153 R mouth, lips
󴰝 S56 K head cover
󴰞 E23 l recumbent lion
󴰟 M17A i-i reeds, pair of