The Egyptian Hieroglyphic alphabet

The Ancient Egyptians had their own alphabet, which is a bit different to the one we use today!

Each Hieroglyph had a letter it could represent, as well as being a picture.

See if you can write your name in hieroglyphs!



Letter Represents
󳮮  A(1) A Egyptian vulture
󳼲  i i reed
󴪔  y y pair of strokes, river
󳛆  a a arm
󳰎  w w quail chick
󳛳  b b lower leg
󴑬  p p reed mat, stool
󳷝  f f horned viper
󳯑  m m owl
󴂿  n n ripple of water
󳚢  r r mouth
󴅤  h h reed shelter, enclosure
󴣺  H(1) H twisted wick, rope
󴫙  x x placenta
󳪱  x(1) X animal belly with udder or tail
󴇟  z z door bolt, lock
󴗛  s s folded cloth, linen
󴃉  S(1) S garden pool, basin
󴂫  q q slope of a hill
󴤆  k k basket with handle
󴦪  g g jar stand
󴨿  t t bun, bread
󴣔  T(1) T tethering rope
󳛐  d d hand
󳷡  D(1) D cobra
󴪛  W(1) W coil of rope
󴫴  M(1) M unknown (i̓m)
󴖤  N(1) N crown of Lower Egypt
󳝭  r R mouth, lips
󴘓 K head cover
󳣍  l l recumbent lion
󳼳  i-i i-i reeds, pair of