The Hieroglyphic tanslator

Our hieroglyphic translator will allow you to translate English to Hieroglyphs! Our translator is under constant development, with new content being added regularly. To see the latest updates, check the FAQ box below, or check the blog!

Instructions: Simply input one letter or word into each box, then press translate. To spell our your name, or a word not in the dictionary type the letters into each box.

Note: Dictionary database is currently being updated, please use single letters only during the update process

We hope this tool will be both fun and helpful in your study of hieroglyphics.


  • How accurate is the translator?>
    That really depends how you use it! Roughly speaking, When you search for a word, like “boat” or “cat” the translator will provide you with the known Egyptian word (where known). Where this is the case, an ancient Egyptian scribe would be quite able to read the words on your screen, as easily as you can. Where you spell out an English word, or something like your name we transliterate your input as closely as possible. An ancient Egyptian would be able to sound out the word, although they wouldn’t necessarily know the meaning.
  • Do you have other translators?
    We're currently working on a hieratic translator - watch this space!
  • Which version of the translator is live?
    We're currently running version 1.2, ver. 1.2 will only translate individual letters - 1.3 contains an extensive egyptian dictionary and will be online ASAP!